Sunday, January 3, 2010

On a lighter note...

Anyone who is still feeling like they had a little too much Christmas....I think the Neil Diamond Christmas album was a little too much for me.  Here is a nice anedote to that.
Shalom TV is presenting a hilarious film called the Hebrew Hammer this week.  My best friend and I were on the floor.  Not recommended for anyone under the age of 15, in my opinion.
It is a film about a New York guy, played by Adam Goldberg, who has to battle to save Chanukah.  If you have a sense of humor watch it, I wouldn't recommend it to the extremely sensitive.  However, if you can do well with Seinfeld you will be just fine.
On the conversion front:  Our Rabbi is on vacation. The retired Rabbi lead our early service this Saturday.  He is more "traditional" for a Reform Rabbi and he pulled out the old siddur (prayer book) on us.  It was a bit of a slap in the face for me.  I thought I was doing so good at services, that was with the transliteration.
So other than watching my favorite football team not make the play-offs, I am studying my Hebrew as I refuse to let this language prevent me from making it to the mikvah...this is not an impossible obstacle, but a learning experience.  The say Jews are the most optimistic people of the world, right?
17th of Tevet, 5770 / י״ז בטבת תש״ע


  1. I wondered what that movie was about. Maybe I'll watch it. I was hoping to sign up for a Hebrew class but I have to wait to see if non-members are allowed to take it. I suspect the Rabbi will say it's fine but I'm not sure yet.

  2. Ask, you'd be surprised how welcomed I am, more and more. I would say any good Rabbi would be opening doors for you, not that we should evangelize, but we should make those of us that are truly Jewish whether by blood or at heart welcome in synagogues. Just my humble opinion.

  3. I asked the Administrator and she is the one who actually told me the Rabbi needed to be asked first. I hadn't even thought about it. I was thinking since I'd been attending it would be fine.

  4. Okay, watched The Hebrew Hammer. I thought it was pretty humorous. My husband couldn't believe I would watch it but he did sit through the entire movie with me.